What are the different types of hotel rooms?

Some people travel for adventure, others for a relaxing stay. Whatever the reason, hotel room types are an important part of any trip. It's easy to book hotel rooms online, by phone and even via mobile applications. But before making reservations, it is important to determine the type of room you want.


Many people book a regular room or other types of rooms depending on the number of beds. A room can have a double bed, two twin beds or two full beds, a queen, a king, a queen and a twin and others. Although hotels use different expressions to classify their rooms, they use more or less the same terminology to indicate the number of people a room can accommodate. The hotel dictates the number of guests it allows in each connecting room. It is important to follow the hotel's rules in this regard because many hotels charge for extra guests. However, some hotels also offer the possibility of adding a cot to the room, for example if a group of five people book a room with two beds.


Choosing a room in a tourist hotel can be done in relation to its size. Hotels often specify the size of the room itself. Even if a room has two beds, it may not be big enough to accommodate a small family or a group of four friends. To make sure the room size is adequate, ask for a room that can accommodate the total number of guests. While a standard room or studio is ideal for a single traveller or a couple, a deluxe room may be preferable for larger groups who want room to stretch out. A shared family room is an excellent option for families with young children.


Hotels may also offer different rooms depending on the amenities available. Although no name is assigned to a room offering unique amenities, hotels list the amenities available based on the room type or room size desired by the traveler. For example, a room with a desk will not be called "office". Instead, it could be called a "deluxe room" and include information about the desk in the description. Hotels offer a variety of amenities in their rooms, usually at a higher price (city or nature view, kitchen, handicap accessible, jacuzzi).
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