Have a pleasant stay in Italy’s famous hotels!

The land of the Dolce Vita is known for its vestiges left by the greatest empire that for a long time dominated the world. Italy is also a world-renowned gastronomy, beautiful beaches and landscapes that change according to the region. To best combine the stays and fully appreciate them, spending them in Italy's famous hotels would be an ingenious way.


Italy's sunny coastlines have coves for a guaranteed lazy moment, while some beaches change their atmosphere in the evening into a lively nightlife. But before you reach the mountains, where it's great to ski, there is also Italian-style life in the lakes and bays. These places are planted with Mediterranean vegetation and are home to cliffs and hills where beautiful villas are built, depending on the locality. The hinterland ends up leading to Rome for a journey through time, Ancient, Renaissance, Baroque or Contemporary, their imprint can be discovered with the monuments. If the relaxing countryside of Tuscany does not convince you, Naples, Turin, Milan or Venice will seduce you differently for your holidays in Italy for two.


The Colosseum, which represents the gladiatorial arena of the past, Mount Palatine for its lush nature and the Trevi Fountain are a must see in Rome. The romantics will have the immense joy of a gondola ride in Rio de Palazzo, if not to discover the magnificent beaches of the Bay of Silence and the Bay of Fairy Tales. To cultivate oneself in art, a tour in Florence promises a rich history of the Medici dynasty or a beautiful discovery of Michelangelo's works in real life, just as in Naples for the conquest of historical sites or an archaeological site. Your stay in Italy will be fulfilled if you are a fan of fashion and design, passing through Milan.


Choose your hotel according to your destination. In Sorrento, you will enjoy a breathtaking view of the Gulf of Naples and Vesuvius. In Portofino, you will have a breathtaking view of the sea. In any case, all you have to do is choose a distinguished setting such as a palace, a historic building or the pursuit of celebrities in Milan. If you are rather demanding in terms of style, the gardens often bear witness to the care taken in the establishment, to the point of being labelled for some of them. If your attention is more focused on promoting local artisans, other cities have hotels adorned with their work. The list is exhaustive, but do not miss out on booking hotels in Italy, especially in high season.
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