Go on a cheap Morocco tour and discover the Cherifian Kingdom!

Are you seduced by the oriental charm so much spoken about Morocco that you decide for a destination in pursuit of the traces of the Berber dynasty? Going on a tour is a good, economical and practical way to find one of the hotels in Morocco in line with your expectations of a trip to the Cherifian Kingdom.


The all-inclusive stay is the most popular among tourists in Morocco, because of the almost complete service. In addition to inviting visitors to enjoy the seaside sites, this formula is more practical. It includes flights, transfers, accommodation with the possibility of staying in one of the famous hotels in Morocco, and meals on site. However, lovers of wide open spaces prefer to discover the immensity of the desert or the green of the oases in contrast with the blue of the medina in Chefchaouen. On board a 4×4, they like to enjoy the wild mountains or fertile valleys. If you want to have these two options, there are offers that combine them where half of the stay is spent by the sea and the other half in the hinterland.


If accommodation is an important element for the success of a stay it is because a hotel has the power to make you travel, not only in space but also in time. Choosing your hotel is an integral part of the destination. Finding the right place to put your suitcases is done in accordance with your choice of tour. Do you decide to organise your stay yourself? Finding your hotels in Morocco would be easier if they are close to emblematic places. Travelling is escape. You might as well stay in a residence with beautiful architecture or in a room with an atypical decor. Each establishment has its own particular touch, to the point of calling on the genius of contemporary artists for some.


Anticipation is the key to any organization. This is why you need to make a hotel reservation in Morocco. The same goes for the tour, especially for a trip to the coast or visits to the historical heritage. These are the main attractions of the country. In July and August, the circuits are then blazing because of the high season, unlike September and October when the climate is perfect. The sea is warm and the mercury is warm enough for visits throughout the year. As for the months of November to March, which correspond to the low season, there are fewer but affordable options. Finally, from April to June, the sun is shining in the tourist sites and activities are starting to multiply.
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