Family travel: organize your holidays with children!

Going on a trip with the children seems to be an impossible mission. Anything could turn into a nightmare at any moment, when it is really possible to combine family holidays with peace and quiet. Anticipating is the golden rule to better anticipate and limit the unexpected. Here's how you can do it, with a minimum of organization.


The choice of destination should include what's important for babies, what's important for geeks and what relaxes adults. In addition to choosing a place that is out of the ordinary, you'd better also choose a tourist trip that suits you. To be sure, think more about the destination that satisfies or brings together the ideas that each member of the vacation family has about the word "vacation". Take the one that meets budgeting and seasonality. So there's no misunderstanding, let the preparation be done as a family. It's Daddy's job to find accommodations while the kids look for activities they enjoy and Mommy takes care of air or train tickets and the trip to where to drop off the suitcases.


The best thing for you would be to keep a document or a notebook allowing you to anticipate the stay, the step-by-step itinerary including visits and activities as well as where to eat and where to sleep, after comparing hotels for family holidays. For greater accuracy, in order to maximize the visits, you should count the distances to be covered. The idea is, in fact, to have the best availability by reserving in advance. It should also be noted that the escape must be done according to the rules of the art and even with children, it is necessary to be positive. So take advantage of a moment to rest a little bit with your partner, thinking of offering them a moment of creativity like their own travel diary.


Prepare well in advance the suitcases, the essentials, but above all, get informed to avoid stress. The transfer from the airport, the bus routes, the metro stops, the addresses of hotels for tourists or accommodation, the opening of the reception or the nearest car parks are details that deserve to be at hand. Don't forget to take into account local customs, in relation to the baby's needs, if necessary, as well as the availability of care centres. Last but not least, the most important thing is the budget including travel and accommodation to calculate the daily expenses and to have a view on the unexpected.
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