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A meeting room is any room set aside for the sole purpose of holding meetings.
Take your time when deciding on which hotel to book for your much-awaited meeting in Paris. Many hotel meeting rooms vary in price, space, accountability, and availability. Booking a hotel meeting room in Paris, whether in person or online, can be hectic. Here we look at all you need to know when booking a hotel for your meeting.

Different Types of Layouts of Meeting Room

Every Paris meeting room is structured uniquely, giving you options to choose the best for you. Bearing in mind that the meeting rooms are used in many ways, it is good to choose a different layout than the traditional hall, with a table surrounded by chairs; click here for more information.
Below are a few layouts that you can choose from:
1. Classroom. This layout style is most suitable for workshops, especially if attendees will be using laptops to take notes.
2. U-shape layout. This particular type of layout is meant for small-sized meetings. It gives the presenter the space to move around the room and provides the attendees with the space for group participation.
3. Theatre. This type of layout is similar to film theatres as seats are placed in rows for more accommodation, especially for conferences or seminars.

A Typical Paris Meeting Room

When looking at what you need to have in a meeting room in Paris, you should keep in mind that the room should encompass all your attendees and give them the feeling of comfort. Below are some of the things that any Paris meeting room should have;

  • Enough chairs
  • Bright colour. The room colour should be bright as dull/dark colours may cause your attendees to feel sleepy. Bright colours such as blue, green, beige, white, and light yellow.
  • Great lighting. The room should be bright as people tend to get sleepy in dark rooms unless you are going to use the room for a presentation, then it is good to opt for fluorescent lighting with a dimming system.
  • The room should be soundproof. The room should offer a quiet environment to aid the meeting, thus focusing more on the meeting than the outside voices.

Essentials Furniture/Equipments For A Meeting Room

  • Power sockets. In case there is going to be a presentation or your attendees are going to use laptops
  • Windows/ventilation. This will ensure enough air circulation.
  • Presentation facilities.
  • High celling. Avoid low-lying ceilings as they make people feel uncomfortable and may not be suitable for people who are claustrophobic.
  • Air conditioning. Air conditioning will ensure the temperature of the meeting room is balanced especially during the summer.


When choosing a hotel room for your meeting, all the above-mentioned vital points (layout, furniture/types of equipment) will come into play, helping you book the best room according to your needs.

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