The most beautiful journeys are between friends!

With family, alone or with friends, organizing a trip always has advantages and disadvantages, but often managing a group is a delicate task. Moreover, to reason positively, one must take into account that a failure is a solution that does not work, according to Alain Leblay. It is then necessary to find a concession, to decipher it!


Finding travel ideas with friends seems easy, as long as you go with those who look like you. As long as you have the same vision of your holiday, you will establish conviviality since there is little risk that desires or characters will be incompatible. After all, with all the dissimilarities, listening to each other is representative of respect and tolerance, the foundations of a community life. Harmony reigns by letting each holidaymaker's opinion come out and making sure that as many votes as possible are cast, starting with the choice between cheap hotels and extensive campgrounds, perfect for stays with children.


In addition to the possibility of finding good deals, one of the advantages of travelling with friends is the sharing of expenses: a good idea that allows you to opt for outdoor hotel experts if you prefer freedom. On the other hand, by entrusting the organization to a tour operator, you'll get preferential rates, compared to transportation tickets and accommodation. However, the notion of money is likely to make you lose the friendly relationship, a possible conflict that can be avoided. In this case, be transparent. One solution in this situation is to set up a jackpot by keeping a notebook of all expenses containing everyone's accounts.


A festive holiday in a big house filled with bursts of laughter is always a dream come true. This is one of the ideas for trips with friends that are so feasible, with good organisation. Of course, there has to be a division of household chores so that everyone can relax and have a moment's rest. Even more than this break from the daily routine, everyone benefits from a precise calendar that includes a schedule of shopping, cooking, laundry and bathroom maintenance. It is important that chores are distributed fairly to avoid any absurdity. Of course, this is not an issue if you decide to spend your holiday in a hotel or hire a household helper, whatever your choice of the best low-cost accommodation.
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