What are the common services offered by a hotel?

Each hotel offers its own services, this usually depends on its allocation and other factors. Indeed, it is certain that a 5-star hotel will offer many more services and amenities than a 3-star hotel. It also depends on the environment. There are, however, services that are common to all hotels.


Almost all travellers and tourists focus on the catering services of a hotel before booking a room. While some guests only eat at the hotel once in a day, others want full service for morning, noon and evening meals. However, not all hotels provide this service for all meals. The breakfast included in the hotel is offered and that's it. In this case, you should choose your hotel according to your needs. Fortunately, the majority of hotels currently have a website to consult everything there is to know. Many hotels also offer packages such as half-board or all-inclusive.


Apart from catering, the other services known as "convenience services" are very much in demand by customers. They are offered by almost all hotel establishments. This is the case for free Wi-Fi in the hotel (but which can also be paid for). Some hotels offer it in every room, but others provide a special common area. It is also rare for hotels to offer shared bathrooms. Private bathrooms have at least one shower gel, hairdryer, towel and shampoo. Rooms can be equipped with heating or air conditioning, or both. Parking can be covered or not. The hotel's dry-cleaning service is also very popular. There is also a television, coffee machine and minibar.


Luxury services are often offered from 4-star hotels or higher. These are the establishments you should target if you want to get a massage from an expert in the field or if you want to access the fitness room at any time. For a hammam, sauna, swimming pool or spa at the hotel, you need to plan a fairly large budget. The most interesting thing is that you have almost everything at your disposal. You will have a doorman at your disposal, private parking, room service and much more.
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